AdSense Alternatives: Top 22 Ad Networks to Try in 2022 !

Google Adsense is the largest ad network on the internet, but it is not the only one. 

Ad networks let you make money from your website by delivering targeted ads from those willing to pay for them. 

There are many details here, so you will find small differences from network to network.

Google Adsense alternatives can help you to expand your income or even get paid at all in case your Adsense account got disapproved.

Here are some Google Adsense alternatives out there to help you make money on the Internet. 

1. Best for Established Bloggers

2. PropellerAds: Best for Popunders

3. Monumetric: Best for Mid-Sized Blogs

4. Revcontent: Best for High-Traffic Media Sites

5. Adversal: Best for Self-Service Advertisers

6. AdThrive: Best for Large Blogs

7. Mediavine: Best for Lifestyle Bloggers

8. InfoLinks: Best for In-Text Ads

9. Bidvertiser: Best for Bidding Campaigns

10. SHE Media: Best for Female-Focused Content

11. Taboola: Best for Enterprises

12. ylliX: Best for New Publishers

13. RevenueHits: Best for Pay-Per-Action Campaigns

14. Adcash: Best for Pay-Per-Action Campaigns

15. BuySellAds: Best for Established Websites

16. Skimlinks: Best for Affiliate Marketing

17. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

18. Sovrn //Commerce: Best for New Websites

19. PopCash: Best for Popunders

20. Setupad: Best for Bidding Campaigns

21. AdRecover: Best for Ad Blockers

22. PopAds: Best for Best for Popunders


Finally, at the end of this article, you can see there is a very large market out there for ads. With the different ad networks competing for your ad on the website. 

Who you choose to work with is totally up to you. As you need to consider your website demographics, content type, available ad space, payment method, and many more.