Best SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic in 2022

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SEO or search engine optimization is one of the strongest pillars of your online marketing strategy. It involves 3 broad activities –

1. On-page SEO building,

2. Off-page SEO building activities

3. Technical SEO

On-page SEO involves – Your website content strategy, building internal links, creating pillar blog posts, and supporting blog posts basis your targeted keywords.

Off-page SEO is all about building a reputation in your target segment. This means getting backlinks to your site from relevant authority/ partner sites online.

SEO Basics Checklist

  1. Setup The Google Search Console
  2. Setup Google Analytics
  3. Install Yoast SEO (WordPress Users Only)

Keyword Research Checklist

  1. Discover Long Tail Keywords via “Google Suggest”
  2. Find Valid or Relevant Keywords In The Google Keyword Planner tool
  3. Identify Low Competition Keywords With KWFinder
  4. Find “Question Keywords” With ATP On-Page

SEO Checklist

  1. Include Your Keyword In Your URL
  2. Use Short URLs
  3. Embed Title Tag Modifiers. Use Your Keyword Once with Minimum 150 Words
  4. Use Your Keyword in the H1 and H2, or H3 Tags
  5. Optimize Images
  6. Use Synonyms and LSI Keywords
  7. Use External Links, Internal Links Technical

SEO Checklist

  1. Identify Crawl Errors
  2. Find out How Google review Your Page
  3. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly
  4. Fix Broken Links
  5. Secure Your Site with HTTPS
  6. Check Your Site’s Loading Speed

Content Checklist

  1. Create Better Content Using “The Skyscraper Technique”
  2. Cover Your Page’s Topic In-Depth
  3. Use Schema Mark-up
  4. Focus on better Content Formats That We Are Working Right Now
  5. Use Multimedia

Link Building Checklist

  1. Build Powerful Backlinks with Guest Posting
  2. Build Contextual Backlinks With Link Roundups
  3. Become a Podcast Guest