Best Techniques for Making Backlinks in 2022

Best Techniques for Making Backlinks in 2022

How to Have High Quality Backlinks in 2022 

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to pages on your website, thereby linking from their site to yours. 

Also known as inbound links, backlinks help direct traffic from another website to your own. Therefore, backlinks of varying quality and number might help you rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. 

Read on to find out backlinks, their forms and types in detail. You will also learn some tips on how to build a successful link building campaign by the end of the article. So, stay tuned! 

Tables of Content

  1. How Do Backlinks Work?
  2. Forms of Backlinks
    1. Image Or Banner
    2. Hyperlinked text
    3. A URL 
    4. Embedded In Videos
    5. Embedded In Infographics 
  3. Types of Backlinks 
    1. Dofollow Backlinks
    2. Nofollow Backlinks
  4. Why are Backlinks Important?
  5. Effective Link-building Campaign Metrics 
    1. Increase your Site’s Perceived Authority And Trustworthiness
    2. Adjust Your Site’s Perceived Relevance
    3. Manipulation Of Anchor Text For A direct Impact On SERP Keyword Rankings
  6. Techniques of Making Backlinks
    1. Blogging
    2. Guest Blogging
    3. Article Submission
    4. Directory Submission
    5. Comment Posting
    6. Forum Posting
    7. Social Bookmarking
    8. Classified Submission
    9. Videos Submission
  7. A Word of Advice 
  8. Endnotes

How Do Backlinks Work? 

An internal link connects web pages within the same domain. They primarily serve users by helping them navigate the website. External links take you to other domains’ web pages.

They have a broader range of potential motives such as giving the reader more context to back up an assertion made in the content, provide a reference or cite a source, make a suggestion or showcase credibility. The outgoing link is a useful asset in each scenario since it is on the page to provide more value to the reader.

It’s crucial to recognize that the linkage has a direction.

It’s incoming to the target page when it’s outgoing on the linked webpage. As a result, a backlink to the target page has been created.

Forms of Backlinks

The different forms of backlinks involve:

1. Image Or Banner 

Websites might feature your logo, a customized banner, or other eye-catching artwork that, when clicked, directs visitors to your website. 

Pro Tip:

As part of the value exchange, you could even make a custom graphic for the connected website.

2. Hyperlinked text  

It’s a word or phrase in a piece of content that references your website. The hyperlink should be placed in a context where a reader would be genuinely interested in learning more.

Pro Tip:

The anchor text (the text where the link is contained) should ideally be more descriptive for hyperlinks to operate. It could be your company’s name or a related phrase. It should also appear naturally in the content.

3. A URL 

Under this, your website’s actual web address is displayed, as well as a link to it. Like this: However, it’s challenging to naturally put URLs. They also appear to be less refined.

Pro Tip:

You can use hyperlinks instead of a URL, wherever possible. A hyperlink within the name of your website or a related keyword phrase could be used anywhere a URL could be used. A website name or phrase also appears cleaner and offers readers a better understanding of where the link will take them.

4. Embedded In Videos 

Videos are very popular and are easily shared. If you can make a video that people will want to share and link to, you can include a hyperlink to your website in the video.

Pro Tip: 

It’s a terrific link format to explore if you have the means and funding to develop a high-quality, compelling video, as well as the marketing acumen to get it out there.

5. Embedded In Infographics 

The visual appeal of infographics is similar to that of a videos. Moreover, they don’t require many resources to produce. Infographics must be educational and interesting in order to make it work through linking and shareability. Creating amusing or unique infographics can be beneficial as well.

Pro Tip:

To offer an infographic as a value exchange, you’ll need to think beyond the box. It must be something fresh and intriguing that their target audience will enjoy.

Types of Backlinks 

It is possible for a website to link to another website in one of two ways. A dofollow link is the first option, while a nofollow link is the second option. Even though both kinds of links accomplish the identical purpose of connecting the origin and destination sites, they communicate two different messages to the search engine.

1. Dofollow Backlinks

A dofollow link enhances SEO by transmitting the authority of the source site to the destination site. “Link juice” is the term used for this authority transfer. Obtaining dofollow backlinks helps in the improvement of a website’s domain authority, or domain rating, which will boost keyword ranking.

When you add a dofollow link to your website, you’re informing Google that the link is natural—that is, the target website didn’t pay for it—and that you’re vouching for the accuracy of the content on the other end.


Links are dofollow by default, therefore there’s no need to use rel=”dofollow” when linking to a website.

2. Nofollow Backlinks

A nofollow backlink, is one that does not convey authority to the domain to which it is linked. In terms of SEO, these links are useless.


When linking to a website, add rel=”nofollow” to the code to make the link nofollow.

Is it Bad to Have Nofollow Links?

Nope! A natural backlink profile is made up of a mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Therefore, getting nofollow links isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although nofollow links may not provide the same SEO benefits as dofollow links, they can help drive visitors to your site and diversify your backlink portfolio. 

Why are Backlinks Important?

Your links, like a fingerprint, tell Google plenty about your site. When it comes to ranking results, one of the most crucial factors that all search engines consider is who connects to you and how they link to you.

Backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that your content has been endorsed by others. Search engines can conclude that the content is worth linking to when a significant number of websites link to the same web page or domain. Hence, worth emerging on a SERP. As a result, getting these backlinks could help a website’s search visibility or ranking.

Effective Link-building Campaign Metrics 

Here are some of the effective link-building campaign metrics that can prove to be quite useful. 

When it comes to ranking results, one of the most crucial factors that all search engines consider is who connects to you and how they link to you.

Increase your Site’s Perceived Authority And Trustworthiness

After receiving links from sites that have already gained trust and established their authority to search engines, you will witness a rise in organic traffic. These types of links are beneficial for all of the terms you’re targeting. And it’s better for sites if they’re already well-optimized and free of serious bugs and issues.

However, unless you are buying links or have devised sophisticated campaigns, you will have little to no control over the keyword impact of these links.

Adjust Your Site’s Perceived Relevance

Links can and do provide signals to search engines about what your site is about, the sectors and markets it serves, and the keyword clusters to which it is most closely associated.

If you’re growing your market forces or just getting started, links that connect you to the ‘market spaces’ will come in handy!

You can also think about relevance in terms of your physical location, and links and other sorts of citations can help search engines determine whether or not you can and should show in SERPs for specific geo-locations.

Manipulation Of Anchor Text For A direct Impact On SERP Keyword Rankings

The traditional job of link builders has been to influence their site’s rankings for specific keywords by purchasing and putting links with specific keywords in the anchor text. This method is still successful, and it is frequently referred to as the most effective method for securing ranks. However, it’s likely that search engines will move away from anchor text as a ranking element in SERPs.

The simplest technique to improve anchor text for SEO is to make sure it contains descriptive keywords that accurately represent the page or topic to which you’re connecting. The term “rich anchor text” refers to anchor text that contains desirable, target keywords. These are frequently the keywords you want to rank for.

Techniques of Making Backlinks

Backlinks can be created using a variety of methods.

1. Blogging

It is the practise of writing blogs in order to keep visitors informed and in contact with them. It is recommended that the audience be provided with unique, informative, and high-quality material.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is when you write and publish an article on someone else’s blog. This is a successful method of directing traffic to your website. For this, you can contact a blogger to publish your piece on his or her blog.

3. Article Submission

One of the most effective methods for obtaining backlinks is to submit articles to reputable directories.,, and other reputable directories are examples.

4. Directory Submission

Directory Submission is the process of submitting website connections to reputable online directories and internet directories. The url, title, description, and other details about the website are submitted during the directory submission process. Dmoz (, Yahoo (, and others are examples.

5. Comment Posting

Backlinks are built using this strategy by leaving comments on various blogs and websites. When done on the same niche blog and website, blog commenting is really useful. You can strategically provide the appropriate links without creating the impression that you are promoting your website.

In addition, don’t forget to verify whether the blog belongs to the dofollow or nofollow category before commenting on it to increase search engine popularity. However, it makes no difference whether the blog is dofollow or nofollow if you are commenting only for the purpose of increasing traffic.

6. Forum Posting

Forum posting is a link-building practice in which good forum postings are linked to websites. Backlinks from forum discussions on related specialized forum websites are used in this method. This is an effective method of directing Internet traffic to the desired website.

When posting comments on discussion boards, keep two things in mind. First and foremost, the comments must bring anything new to the topic; otherwise, the administrator will not approve them. Second, you need to include a signature that includes a link to your website. 

7. Social Bookmarking

The best way to organize, save, manage, and search for bookmarks of internet resources is to use social bookmarking.,, and more social bookmarking websites are accessible.

These bookmarks are open to the public. Since search engines frequent bookmarking sites, it is an effective and quick approach to increase a website’s visibility in search engines. 

  • Twitter (a social networking site),
  • Delicious (a tool for saving, organizing, and discovering interesting links on the web),
  • StumbleUpon (a tool for sharing website and web content with other users), Reddit (a social news and entertainment website),
  • Digg (a social news site), and
  • Pinterest (a tool for creating and managing theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies)

are just a few examples of social bookmarking sites that make it easier to promote your websites.

8. Classified Submission

Classified Ads are online advertisements that are posted on classified websites. This is also the most effective way to obtain backlinks.

9. Videos Submission

Backlinks can also be obtained by uploading videos to video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. With self-hosted videos on social media, it’s simple to get started with video marketing.

Simply produce the contents and publish it on your website before sharing it with others. Always include the URL of your website in your videos, as well as a request for comments and feedback.

A Word of Advice 

Backlinks from identical niche websites are vital for higher search engine ranking; nevertheless, some webmasters prioritize quantity over quality when building backlinks, which is not a good optimization technique. The exchange of reciprocal links should also be avoided. 

A link exchange occurs when one webmaster posts a link on his website that leads to the website of another webmaster, and vice versa. Backlinks from websites with the same IP address should be avoided, as this is the most common reason for all websites’ search engine rankings to suffer. 


The return will be tenfold if you have a good strategy in place and a clear grasp of what you’re looking for. Your website will rise in the ranks, resulting in an increase in traffic and revenue—which is what everyone is aiming for with SEO.

You must carefully evaluate each possible link, ensuring that it is a good one that will add value to your site, and then securing it using a personalized outreach approach. Also, keep in mind that you will not receive every link you request. You might obtain one link for every ten prospective links that you invest your time and effort into.

This is, however, the nature of link building. Keep going, concentrate on the victories, and learn from your mistakes. Soon, you’ll be gaining links on a regular basis, and you’ll have your own backlink examples to share with the SEO community.

If you wish to learn more about different marketing trends, strategies, tips and how-to guides, do check out our website for regular updates.