Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends You You Must Know For 2022

The period of Covid is marked by uncertainty, downturn, and digitalization. The marketing sector is evolving at the speed of light. In response to the changes, businesses have made a concerted effort to embrace digital transformation. This is in order to digitally expand their customer base.  

Nevertheless, the situation is progressively improving, and people are going out. Some businesses have suffered as a result of this. They have faced decline in virtual engagement and internet traffic that they had previously counted on. It is difficult to keep up with and adapt to these constant trends, regardless of your experience. However, staying ahead of the curve in the fast-paced marketing world and retaining a sense of relevance with your audience — is critical.

Therefore, Marketing Bloq has compiled all the necessary marketing trends for the year 2022 that you should be prepared for. 

Customer Experience Programmes

Covid being prevalent for 3 years. Therefore, many consumers perceive businesses should have appropriate measures to address the pandemic-related disruptions by now. They look up to companies for delivering a positive and long-lasting digital consumer experience. Many also believe firms to have pooled their digital resources. Thus, to prepare a more robust response in the event of another public health crisis in the country.

In the words of Forrester senior analyst Anjali Lai – “Since the start of Covid-19, 49% of UK and over 60% of US online adults started making online transactions for the first time; 35% of UK and 44% of US consumers upgraded their in-home technology. Even consumers who were once considered to be digital holdouts anticipate continuing the online behaviors they picked up during the pandemic.”  

Companies are refining their hybrid experiences. They are providing customers the flexibility and services and incorporating their feedback. Consequently, investing in the technology is required to put these design concepts into action. They anticipate by doing so, they will be able to make the process feasible for everyone. Human-centered design principles are being used by brands to make their physical and digital experiences as nimble and flexible as their customers have grown to demand.

What do people value the most in a customer experience? These are the following factors- expediency, competent and friendly services. However, elements more conventionally associated with marketing are included as well: cutting-edge technology, customization, a simple mobile experience, brand recognition, and designs all contribute to the entire consumer experience.

Virtual Assistants

It’s likely that your company currently employs a virtual assistant to automate customer support. It might be for effectively resolving consumer concerns on social networks, email marketing, as well as other web platforms. Virtual assistants, sometimes known as “chatbots,” offer a host of benefits. 

Firstly, consumer inquiries can be answered by chatbots without the need for human participation. Secondly, the chatbot’s AI gives it a strong identity, which makes the consumer experience more engaging. Last but not the least, chatbots improve client interactions by making them more personalized and pleasant.

Content Marketing

How can you make a business stand out? Coordination of your public relations, leadership, and SEO activities may be effective! It benefits company’s prominence, reputation, and legitimacy.

How does an approach like this work? Let’s take, for instance, your site’s B2B content. You’ve to establish a solid foundation of authority on various topics. After which, you can incorporate the PR aspect to build credibility by having others quote or cite your high-quality content. Lastly, evaluate if people are responding to your content under categories that you control.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, mobile web design, and reel marketing are three global professional marketing trends. These are emerging bigger in the coming year. It deemed to be beneficial by 57% of professionals. Another 47% intending to expand their investment by 2022. Furthermore, 11% say it’s the most profitable trend they’ve tried. 

What factors made influencer marketing evolve from a novel concept to a widely used marketing strategy? Influencers are artists who create content for the platforms they use. They already have an active community. Who is interested in what they have to say, and are impacted by it. Marketers work with influencers to boost brand exposure and leverage the influencer’s following.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a new marketing tactic that has piqued the attention of people. Streaming is extremely popular among viewers. The time spent watching live streams has climbed by 250 percent. This allows brands to establish their authenticity and credibility with viewers. Consumers are more confident in purchasing things after seeing them in action. This eventually leads to an increase in online sales. Various brands are providing built-in purchasing tools that allow businesses or influencers to endorse products and offer a direct clickbait link in live streams. Social commerce is social purchasing experience. It is gaining traction in 2022.

The prominent live streams are of major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. These features will become increasingly advanced and common across a wide range of enterprises over time. Here are some ideas for a Livestream: To organize a live shopping event, hold a Q&A session to answer frequently asked questions, or promote the arrival of a new product.


Since the modern world is primarily digital make your marketing techniques digitally integrated as well. As a result, you need to design unique marketing strategies for your company by merging marketing techniques and technology in novel ways while focusing on end-user satisfaction. 

Do let us know in the comment section about your views on these new marketing trends for 2022, and how effective they would be