Facebook Marketing: The Ultimate Guide 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms. With 1.56 billion daily active users, Facebook has grown steadily in the needs of every business person. In the initial days, Facebook was used as network building platform.

However, with growing eCommerce, it flourished more in terms of selling ideas, purchasing products, and an ultimate guide of marketing. 

Facebook is a very useful marketing tool.

The users of Facebook are still climbing. 20% of the world population are active users of Facebook. The average users spend an hour per day on Facebook. 7% of working hours is spent in the blue-white feed of Facebook. Influencers, referrals, customer relationships, awareness of the brand, selling products, peer effect, everything has been growing steadily in the Facebook platform.

Points we will cover

  1. How do you use Facebook as an ultimate guide
  2. An Inbound Strategy
  3. Steps of creating a Facebook page
  4. A profile page
  5. Cover page
  6. Description to your page
  7. Create a username to your profile
  8. Add your page to shortcut
  9. Set your page roles
  10. Customize your notification
  11. Add CTA
  12. Organize your page tabs
  13. Verify your page
  14. Facebook likes
  15. Conclusion

How do you use Facebook as an Ultimate Guide:

Once you know you have to gather an audience for your product/service, you start marketing the same. Facebook gives you a wide platform, to showcase your brand to a large audience. Below, I have mentioned some of the key areas that you can use to build your Facebook guide. 


Of course, there are many ways for marketing your brand on Facebook. However, I will stick with the Inbound strategy. It has been very helpful and relatable to your targeted audience. The strategy involves understanding your customers and their needs. Also, helping them in overcoming many different challenges. It inspires long-term relations between you and your targeted customers. As you provide solutions to them through different styles. 

The strategy isn’t annoying, spamming, or deceiving. It is helpful and brings consistency to your profile. 

Once you know the meaning of Inbound strategy. The first step to your marketing guide is creating a Facebook page. Following are the steps to create your Facebook page:

  1. Add photos.
  2. Add a prescribed short description.
  3. Now create a username for your Facebook page.
  4. Now easily add your page to the shortcut.
  5. Set up roles for your Facebook page. 
  6. Now, easily customize your notification.
  7. Once, you follow the sixth step. Add a page CTA.
  8. Organize your page tabs. 
  9. Now, verify your page.

Let us now take the process step by step for advertising your content. 

Create a Facebook page:

If you have decided to create a Facebook page for your business, then it is the best choice. The majority of Facebook profiles are made up of your personal contacts. Therefore, to attract a large audience and establish a presence of your business. It is always important to make a Facebook page instead of a Facebook profile. 

The main difference between a page and a profile is that a Facebook profile gives you a business profile and connects your page with other business pages, organizations and etc. By liking their posts and interacting with them through a business page, you easily expand your contacts. To create your own Facebook page, go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/

A personal profile sharing a lot of business material can be blocked by Facebook itself. 

Once you click on the above-mentioned link, you will have two categories: First, business or brand, second, community or public figure. This is to create a page for a complete fictitious company. And then categorize it accordingly.  To choose a category, you may simply drag it down the list.

Remember to name your page wisely. It reflects your business.

If you haven’t named your page yet. You can sign in to Facebook and must create and manage your pages from your personal account. In this process, your personal information won’t appear on your business page from your personal one. Unless you add it. 

Once you create and manage the page. You may press “Get started” and you will be redirected to a profile and cover photo for your page. These aren’t mandatory but I recommend you upload these so that you have a good foundation laid for your upcoming digitalize business.

Creating a Facebook page will help you in creating awareness.

Add Profile Picture

This is the primary visual picture of your page, This will appear in the search results with your name beside it. You can crop and edit the image before uploading it. Most publishers suggested having a photo with 180 x pixels. Adding a profile picture makes a good impression and makes you profile recognizable to the audience. Therefore, be original and creative with your profile picture. It can be a logo of your business or maybe the office building of your enterprise. 

Add Cover Picture

While you upload your profile picture, you will be asked to add a cover photo on your profile now. Unlike your small profile picture, a cover photo is the large horizontal image that tops your Facebook page. For a cover photo, your picture should be 851 x 315 pixels. Also just like your profile picture, you can edit and crop the image. Additionally, you can also adjust the image.

Once you are done with uploading the beautiful imagery and creating a neat base for your Facebook page. Follow the below mentioned steps;

Add a description to your Facebook page

Your Facebook page description shouldn’t be more than two sentences. The more short and crisp it is, the more attraction it catches. You can always add your brand’s personality in the description. However, remember that the description will appear in the search results. Therefore, be descriptive. Also, you can always add or edit the description by clicking on ‘About’.

Create a username for your Facebook page

Be creative while you give a username to your Facebook page. This username appears in the vanity URL that is a custom URL of your Facebook page. This makes it easier for people to search for you and find you in the huge crowd. Also, you do not need to add more than 50 characters to your username. The username of your Facebook page also helps you in cross-promotion of your blog and website.

Add your page to shortcuts

By adding your page to shortcuts, you can easily access your page through this. Go to your feed and then click on Edit which is next to shortcuts.

Set your page roles

Before you send your page out to the world, remember to set your page roles. Through this, multiple people can edit and post your page without any credential details. For this, go to settings, then click on page roles, in the navigation bar.

You can set page roles for admins, editors, advertisers, analysts, and job managers.


Admin manages all aspects of the Facebook page. Implying, that they publish on the page, respond, create ads, send messages, and also assign page roles. An admin has all the permission as the creator of the page. 


An editor of your Facebook page is very much similar to the admin. However, the editor can’t assign the page roles to the people.


A moderator can not publish anything on the page. Although they are given permission to send and respond to the messages. They are even allowed to delete a comment and create ads for the page.


The person assigns as an advertiser creates ads.


They play a similar role to advertisers, as they view insight. However, they do not have publishing powers.

Job manager:

A job manager can create ads, view insights, and have to publish and manage jobs as well.

Customize your notification

In this section, you can customize how you receive notifications on your page. For instance, you may choose to get notifications every minute whenever there is an activity on your Facebook page. Or you may change the setting and get a notification every 12 to 24 hours. For this, you need to go to settings and then choose “Notifications”.


CTA or Call To Action started on Facebook in 2014. Through CTA you reach your mass audience, which you might have missed with a traditional website. To create CTA for your page:

Go to “+ add a button” just below your cover photo. Further, you may choose the options depending on your choices. 

Organize your page tabs

You need to organize your business page so that it looks good, organized for the viewers who are viewing your page for the first time. To organize your page tabs, go to settings. Now choose “Templates and Tabs”. From there click on Facebook default tabs. 

Verify Your Page

You can be eligible for a verification badge, but that depends on how categorized your page is. A blue badge on your page means that Facebook has confirmed your page as an authentic page for the public.

 Remember the blue badge is mostly available to celebrities and famous brand. Therefore, it may not be possible for you to request for same. 

A page for the public can be in the form of a brand awareness page or media company page.  A gray bade in your page means Facebook has confirmed authentic page for organizations and businesses. 

These verification badges are important. But not a necessity to your page. It just adds authority to your business. For example; a business in eCommerce looking to build trust among the audience will need verification on its page. For this, you have to go to settings > general. From there you chose page verification. Now enter your publicity phone number, language, and your nation. Once you fill in the details you will receive a verification call.

Facebook likes

After completing the basics of creating and managing a Facebook page. It is important for us to look at likes on our page. A “like” to your Facebook is Therefore, it is important to learn about like and how we can increase visits to your page. 


Real likes and reactions increases your business.

Buying Facebook likes will only add to your expenditure. It does nothing good to your page. Companies selling likes create false accounts to reach the promised deal number of likes, with you. Make your posts engaging so that people start visiting your page themselves and you have honest likes on your page. The fake likes and followers will not let you appear in the Facebook feed.

Instead of buying false likes of a lot of money. Inculcate your energy in creating awareness of your page. Do not make your page isn’t spamming, create good interesting content, which will attract most of your targeted customers. You should always use trendy and appropriate keywords, a good description and an interesting bio to your page. Ask your friends to share your contents, make contacts. Do not hesitate while approaching a new customer. Be polite and interact more. Promote your page on other networking sites. Try new promotions technique. Give out offers and discounts.


It is best to use Facebook when we are marketing a product. We can even create awareness of our brand, product or services amongst masses of through this platform. There are various ways through which an individual can promote the business online. It has helped a lot businesses in the past and is seen as one of the helpful source for the business owners.

Whether small or big, Facebook has been flourishing and growing evenly with the world.

It is important for you to grow with the world and market your products in these social media platforms. For more such ultimate guides, refer to our site; Marketing Bloq