Five Fundamental Brand Elements of Logo Design

The Best elements of branding

The Business is the body, the brand is the soul and the logo is the face. And together these factors create a business brand identity.
Ideation is the beginning of creation. Secondly, your originality or authenticity has also got a big role in public acceptance of your brand and brand logo.

Your audience has some kind of perception toward your brand. Think like a customer in your target demographic and try to track what would be important to them and how it will be possible to achieve it. Well, through this article, we try to help you out, how famous brands execute successful logos. And what gives them wings to fly high with their particular identity for so long. But before we understand the aspects of a great logo, get a few things clear.

“A logo doesn’t sell, it identifies”, a famous quote by Paul Rand. This is huge to understand that a logo is not meant to sell here your service nor does, it create a specific identity for you.

The logo is the first thing to create an assumption for new costumes and beliefs for older. It eases customers to identify your brand.

If a particular symbol executes immediate association with the brand then it counts as a successful creation. More than that a logo must create a recall of what your firm does and, more crucially, how it makes them feel.

The goal of a logo is to offer a company a distinct identity so that you may expand your business by attracting new customers with a logo that appeals to them. Customers that trust the brand behind your logo will stick with your company.


Simple things are understandable and appealing to the eye with clear vision. A good logo shouldn’t confuse the customers with lots of details.

We have lots of other things too, to define our service, so be more specific about what matters most to you while designing the logo.
A logo should be devoid of any unnecessary or overloaded design elements. The simpler a logo is, the more people will remember and resonate with your brand.

Best Example: National Geography, Nike

Appropriate & Relevant

The number one factor in engagement is relevance.
Needless to say, the importance of the logo is relevant to the industry or the brand. Your logo must tell people themselves what your company stands for and including this the ratio of color, font, the size must fit into the shape you desire to create your logo in.

This important aspect helps in conveying the right message and making that instant connection with the target audience.

Your logo must contain all the required elements and information that does full justice to your purpose. Now, it’s you who have to understand those elements, the magnitude & areas they are required in, and their application. Only the correct proportion of all these helps you to have a great logo.

Best Example: FedEx, Netflix


It happens to you lots of times even when you forget the name of a brand but you try to memorize it by its logo. And then boom” it hits you with the right guess. This is the impression it leaves on you.

First impressions always count as it helps to create memories for a long. A logo is the first thing a person gets to see about a company even before the name. The subconscious mind can make a judgment about a logo in a split second. A bad logo design will make a negative impression. The goal is to leave a lasting impression on consumers’ minds, effortlessly.

A simple & appropriate logo stays in the minds for a longer period and becomes a memorable brand. Brand recall depends on the logo that is memorable & unique.

Best Example: Mc Donald, google


The logo should be identifiable in any size ranging from a website favicon to a large billboard and should work well in a variety of applications so as to achieve coherence in brand communications.

Best Example: Nike, Apple


Even though we are living in the year 2021, we are still fascinated by vintage style. Trends come and go. What remains is the style they have in it. Which makes them incredible. Coca-Cola is one of the brands, who still exist with the same logo way back from years.

There is no point in designing a logo with the current trends for a business that needs to modify time to time. A good logo should work well at any point in time regardless of trends.

Best Example: Coca-cola, Disney


We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Even though good business is like a good book. What should matter is, how they are with their service. But a high competition in the market demands good cover too.

As I said before, Logo is the face of the brand. Make sure your logo design is memorable to make a lasting impression. It communicates the company’s image and meaning.

The logo will identify the company from its competitors. It should be simple, memorable, and not clichéd.



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