How can I get backlinks from wikiHow?


Hi, guys! When chasing quality backlinks, many webmasters strive to get links from top resources. One of them is wikiHow. How realistic is it to get what you want, and how can you do it? Here are some great tips!

  1. Create only unique content valuable for users.
  2. Read the terms of publication, which are in the public domain.
  3. Contact the site representatives by email or phone and find out if they are accepting content for publication.
  4. Make sure the content is relevant to a particular topic, is of sufficient volume, and is easy to read.
  5. Add only links that are relevant to a specific field.
  6. Control the number of keywords.
  7. Provide a valid email and real username and add a photo.

What are effective link building strategies for a website that sells health supplements and other related products?

Do you need effective link-building strategies for a website that offers nutritional supplements and related products?

No problem! Here are 6 strategies that will help you promote your web resource as quickly as possible.

  • Buy backlinks on link exchanges – pick reputable sites from your niche.
  • Comment on blogs inserting anchor links in the text.
  • Publish guest posts on media sites in your niche.
  • Participate in specialized expos and conferences. You can be a sponsor of an event.
  • Generate useful and interesting content that readers will want to share.
  • Use outreach and negotiate to post links with site owners without third parties.
  • All these methods have been working for years, and they haven’t lost their relevance. Unusual but effective link-building strategies are discussed in this post.