How do you make money on Instagram in 2022?

Earning from Instagram Is not that new. You can earn money from Instagram doing some works. I will be talking about some effective ways to earn from Instagram doing these works. Stay with me and You’ll learn how to do it and what are the process to earn money.

Let’s talk about this.

You can earn handsome money from Instagram. You can make your living from Instagram also. There are 3 effective ways I see to make money On Instagram…

  • Business
  • Job
  • Influencer

Let’s talk business first. What is the business you can do?

  1. Affiliate Marketing & Dropship: Yeah, You can also call it a job. But i will take your mind another way to think its like a business. When you are doing something under a boss we generally call it job. But here you can make it by your own. Affiliate marketing is basically selling others products and earn a commission when you generate a sell. That’s simple. You can make a Instagram page where you can do affiliate marketing by your own. You need to grow your business/page to millions of people. You can create a website to dropship and put this website link on the Instagram bio. So, the people who are visiting your profile can visit your website/ business and make a sell. That’s a affiliate module but its business.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is Or drop shipping You can google it or ask me. I will be with You.

2. Self Product: Yeah it’s a fantastic and big business where you can profit more than anything. You can create your own product and sell it to drive traffic to your page and website. That’s simple. It’s simple but could be a huge business for you.

So, Now Let me Talk about the jobs Opportunities.

  1. Freelance Job: You can make a good money doing Freelancing on Instagram Marketing. You have to learn Instagram Marketing to get a job on Instagram Marketing Field. Then you can apply in different marketplace Online or Offline to market clients profile to generate more sales or drive targeted traffic. There are many Marketplace where you can go to get a job on Marketing. Some of are Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour.

Instagram Industry is getting large and you can get many jobs related to Instagram. To learn and earn.

2. Affiliate Marketing: I wrote before it’s a business but it’s a job also. You can do it for clients. If he/she has a product then your clients will hire you for their job of marketing to drive people to their product.

Last but not least. Earn money Influencing people.

  • Influencer: If you have a profile with a decent follower than you can make good amount of money doing influencer marketing job. Because when thousands of people follows you and engage with your posts then why not a business approach you and tell you to post their product/service on your timeline. Yeah that’s what happened in Instagram Influencer Marketing. You can charge a good money for each post or story you share on your profile depending on how much followers you have.

Each of every has their different profit. Choose where you want to go and which field you wanna work with.