How is Digital Marketing Important For Business?

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Digital marketing is vital for business. Especially after the pandemic hit the world digital marketing has become a necessity.

Many businesses are adopting digital marketing which is evident from the growth of the Digital transformation market which is projected to reach $1009.8 billion by 2025 at a growth rate of 16.5% (Research and Markets report, 2020)

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Getting back to the importance of Digital Marketing, it has changed the entire customer journey. Now the marketing funnel looks something like this

By implementing digital transformation marketing has been able to make the entire activity more interactive and measurable.


The beauty of digital marketing is, its benefits are enjoyed by both businesses and consumers alike. Marketers are able to reach their target customers through campaigns and at the same to customers would see only those ads in which they are interested.

This way marketing function itself is customized.


  • You want the exact number of people who saw your ad
  • The kind of consumer group that showed maximum engagement
  • The marketing channel that performed best
  • The product that most of your customers are interested in even before sales.

You name it and that information could be collected using analytics. This is one of the very insightful areas in digital marketing.

High in Interaction

Digital marketing has paved the way for more dialogue between companies and consumers.

Businesses are able to continuously be in touch with the consumer and develop a better understanding of their needs, expectations, and pain points.

This gives the opportunity to offer better services to consumers.


Timing is very crucial in marketing. If a company is at the right place, at the right time with the right solution to satisfy customer needs, there is a high probability that it may end up in sales.

Automation in sending E-mails, social media posts, customer service options like chatbots are greatly helping businesses be there with the customer throughout the buyer’s journey.

In conclusion, Digital marketing is helping marketers do their job more effectively and efficiently.