How to Boost WordPress Speed & Performance 2022

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Are you looking for a guide that will help you, increase the speed of your WordPress site? A fast-loading page and a speed-up website always attract a large number of viewers.

Therefore, you need to boost WordPress speed and your company’s overall performance. The following article is an expository article for you. Before underlining this comprehensive guide, let us navigate through the table of content.  

Speed of your Website.

Table of Content

The following will help you in navigating through the article easily.

Basis of the content;
  • Why is speed important for your WordPress sites?
  • How do you check the speed of your WordPress website?
  • What is/are the main cause/causes behind the slow down of your website?
How and why; 
  • How can you increase the speed of your site?
  • Mention the many advantages of speeding up your WordPress site 

Why is speed important for your WordPress site?

Speed is the main key area where you can definitely take an edge over your competitors. As a website owner, you have to convince your readers, to read your website. However, you have a very limited time slot to attract all those viewers and ask them to stick by your website.

A slow website leads to a bad impression. Potential users may leave your WordPress site quickly, due to the same reason.

The facts clearly state a 1% second delay in loading a webpage may consciously bring a 7% loss in conversion, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and even 11% fewer page reviews. Along with this, Google has started penalizing websites that are slower in comparison to others. And has even started decreasing the respective sites’ search results. Which further, lowers the traffic of the same. Therefore, one really needs to pay attention to the speed building of their WordPress site.

How do you check the speed of your WordPress website?

You might think that the speed of your WordPress site is quite good and the search engines are happy with your site. However, this might not be the case every single time. You definitely need to keep good track of your website. 

You can’t predict the speed of your site on your own browsers. As browsers like Chrome, stores it as cache, therefore automatically generates it as soon as possible. Hence, prefetch it sooner for you. This isn’t the case with the normal or first-time viewer. The speed of your browser differs from person to person, depending on their geographical location.  

Together, you should test your website speed by using a free tool: IsItWP’s WordPress speed test. 

After reviewing your speed on the above mentioned speed test. It is a free online tool that allows you to test your website’s speed. Also, remember that a good page takes a maximum of 2 seconds to load, and a single millisecond adds a lot of value.

What is the main cause behind slow down of your WordPress site?

There can be many causes for slowing down your WordPress website. Following are the primary causes for the same:

  1. Web Hosting 
  2. WordPress configuration
  3. Page size
  4. Bad Plugins
  5. External scripts

Accordingly, you may figure out what is causing the slow down in your website. Whether those are images on your web or the poorly coded plugin. External links (font loaders, ads) are another common cause of website slowdown.

Website speed.

Now, when you know your substantial cause behind the slow down of your WordPress site. Below are the numerous ways for its improvement.

How can you improve the speed of your site?

One of the best ways of improvement is the WordPress hosting. It plays a vital role in improving your site performance. Providers like Bluehost / Site round are good. As they take the extra measures to improve and optimize your WordPress site. Hence, build your overall performance. 

A managed WordPress hosting service also optimizes your site very well. An individual can very well serve configuration to run WordPress. There are tons of advantages of a managed WordPress hosting. These companies offer you automatic backups, updates and many more protection configuration to your site. 

You can also look for WPEngine as another hosting provider for WordPress.

Your WordPress site speeding doesn’t require any coding.

Click & point with me!

Install  a WordPress Caching Plugin:

To build on your page, WordPress put all the information together enquired by you and then, displays it to your readers.

This whole process takes a lot of steps. Implementing to slow down your website. Therefore, installing a WordPress caching plugin makes it effective. It make your WordPress site from 2x to 5x faster than usual ones.

How Caching Works

Caching plugin makes a copy of the whole generation process, after the first load. Therefore, represents the same to your subsequent users. It puts everything in HTML content, which is then served to the users. Amongst all the effective many caching, WP Rocket and WP Super Cache are very productive and effective ones. In which WP Rocket is premium whereas WP Super Cache is a free plugin.

SiteGroud SG

This is pre installed in your WordPress site. SiteGround SG Optimizer has very powerful features that are premium found in caching. The plugin optimizes the for Google cloud and provides you with best performing results. 

Along with this, you also get various of other settings options available. Like WebP image inserting in WordPress, CSS minification, database optimization and etc. SiteGround has a dynamic feature that help you with speeding your site.

Bluehost Caching

To turn on caching on Bluehost. Go to my sites first. Then click on performance. You may also find managed WordPress hosting provider, in the same. Thus, if you are using a managed WordPress hosting, you might not need a caching plugin. As it is built and turned on by default. 

Optimize Images

Image optimization is a necessity to build up on your website’s speed. They are one of the most appealing block of your website. But they can also be the most thoughtful and improving area too. A non-optimized image decreases the speed of your website. 

Therefore, you should definitely use photo editing software to optimize your web’s images. Also, decrease the size of your image up to 5x. 

Other Techniques

Along with the above mentioned ways, you can also use latest PHP version. The updated PHP boosts up your website in no time. Also remember to use plugins like Really Simple SSL, to switch your site to https/ssl.

You should also note smaller techniques as reducing HTTP requests, to split long pages into posts, though the main option on your WordPress. Use CDN (Content Deliver Network) to split comments into pages.

Remember to not upload audio/video files to your website.

Merits of speeding your WordPress site

  1. Attracts a lot of buyers
  2. Increases traffic to your site. Hence, revenue to the company.
  3. It becomes easy for non regular viewers to access your time in few seconds.
  4. Creates a good impression in front of the users.
  5. Establishes an edge over your competitor.


Go ahead and try the above mentioned techniques. However, do not limit yourself with the above mentioned. There are many more of these! DO NOT FOREGT TO TEST YOUR WEBSITE, before and after implementing any of the above mentioned techniques. 

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