How to Get Traffic to Your Website 2022

How to Boost Traffic to Your Website in 2022

There are many websites that post ten blogs a day. Some people even post every hour on their web. We come across many leading websites and start-ups.  However, most of them, struggle to create mass innovative ways to increases traffic to their website. Generating a good amount of traffic holds the root cause of the income of the industry. 

If you are looking to increase your website traffic, then here is a short summarized article for you.

1. Guest Post:  

These are some of the most important sources of generating traffic. When readers go through your guest blog, sadly most of them skip the blurred or small author bio section.

  • This is the main obstacle. A lot of people do not see the link in the author’s bio. Thereby, they will not visit the same site again. 
  • Solution: The easiest way for such an issue is the “upside-down” Guest Blog. One can refer to the following steps of making an upside-down guest post. 
  • Write a guest post.
  • Now, you have to include the “helpful resource” section throughout your post. The section may have two to three helpful resources on the title of your Guest Post.  You can refer to any one of them.
  • Remember to include the link to your own work as a helpful resource. This way, you will link the reader with your own content through the links that are in your guest posts.

2. Common searchable topics with traffic potential:

Without any donut, search engine optimizations are the best ways of generating traffic to your site. They help in achieving consistency and long-term results of the industry. The more you rank high in these search engines, for instance; Google. The more they’ll give rise to your site. 

  • There are two quick ways to find traffic-generating topics; first, low competition and high volume and content Explorer Hack.
  • Low Competition and High Volume 
    1. For this open Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.
    2. Now enter one or two apt phrases.
    3. From here, you can choose one of the many keywords ideas to see hundreds of such ideas. 
    4. Remember you can filter the list by two metrics: 
      • Search volume: As to how many times in a month this phrase is searched through Google, in a particular country. 
      • keyword difficulty: Represented as a numeric value between 0 to 100. 
    5. You may use different filters as per your conveniences. 

  • Content Explorer Hack

One can use Content Explorer to find low-hanging post ideas. You can refer to Referring domains, and Organic traffic filter. It gives you reliable pages, which will probably have no or a very few backlinks. Therefore, it will be easier for you to chose searchable and attractive key phrases for your blog.

3. Relevant Online Communities:

These are communities where your target audience is mostly available on the internet. You should look for such communities throughout the web. These can be find in Facebook, Slack, Forums, Reddit and many other platforms. You can easily connect and interact with the audience. Also, you may be able to convince your audience through the same.

However, one should remember that spamming isn’t always the option. We should try and build our reputation from the start. So that, the readers readily subscribe and pay for our blogs.

4. Podcast

These are growing rapidly. Podcasts are free and different for different genre. In this 21st century, a lot of people are highly using these podcasts in their day to day lives. One can literally, go  on to these podcasts platform as a guest. While, you attend these platforms as a guest, you get a chance to appear in different podcast episodes

Together, through all these episodes you manage to bring many visitors to your site. 

5. Upgrade your website With Blogger Outreach

Once you have written a nice blog, it is time to upgrade it with the blogger outreach. Promoting to a blogger outreach makes a great change in the viewers. For this, you need to find people that share your content and content on your topic actively. 

For this, you may also send an email to the person who have already shared content on your topic. This way, when the reader gets back. You can easily share the link of your content. They might even share the link if they like the content. 


There are many other ways, one can increase traffic in their respective website. Along with the above mentioned popular ones, one should always remember that they are writing on some updated stuff. Outdated information is generally not acceptable by a lot of readers. People want to read good stuff. They will willingly pay for current and updated contents. 

One should also consider Cocktail Technique. When two blogs contain somewhat similar information, the writer shouldn’t post them differently. But logically merged the two of them together. This way, is known as Cocktail Technique. This leaders to perform better than the SERPs. Otherwise, one can also find unique ways to generate traffic. A lot of people generate traffic by repurposing content on other channels and etc.


There are tons of ways from which one can generate traffic on their page. I have mentioned more than necessary in the above article.

However, you should remember that generating traffic isn’t the only goal. Traffic to your website it the roots to creating revenue from the same. Your good and unique content will only pay your advertisement techniques.

Hence, writing good, creative and nice post is the foundational goal. Then, shaping and spreading your piece in different parts and generating traffic becomes another important step. Towards the end, earning revenue out of your sequencing hard work achieves you the final satisfaction.