How to Make a Website | Guide for Beginners in 2022

How to Make A Website in 2022: Free Guide

In 2022, handling customer service is very difficult. If you have a business, then yes, you can feel this pain.

There are a lot of problems with answering customer’s questions. It incurs hefty customer service costs. You need a lot of manpower to do it. So, i am back with magic steps for making website

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Table of Content

  • What is Website
  • How to Make a Website

What is Website?

A Website is an accumulation of various web pages. Its content is spotted by a general domain name. Whereas, content is published on at least one web server.  Users can approach it from different devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and android phones.

How to Make a Website

3 Easy Footsteps to Create a Website :

Step 1:- Select a Platform to Construct a Website

In order to construct a website, you need to decide on a website making platform. There are a lot of platforms that will help you to make outstanding websites. Often, people fear that website designing is difficult. They think that it requires a lot of coding and design skills.

Five Superb CMS for Web development

But, forget all the complications. It is 2022 and there are several Content Management Systems (CMS). I am listing 5 superb CMS who will help you to create your own website. Now, you just understand these platforms. It will make sense of the selection of platforms.

1. WordPress:- It is the most popular CMS. In fact, WordPress enables 43.3% of all the sites on the internet. It is free of charge and easy to use. You can easily learn.

2. Drupal:– After WordPress, Drupal is the second most sought-after CMS. There are different plus points like free of charge, 100+ languages, ready-made templates. If you have industries such as tourism and eCommerce, then provide attractive templates for your business. But, if you are a beginner, then you should just skip this CMS. It is good for a web developer.

3. Joomla:- It is also free of charge. This CMS has an efficacious set of traits. It is available in more than 70 different languages. Any website can be made through it. You can say it is a developer-friendly CMS.

4. Adobe Commerce:- If you want to start an eCommerce business, always select Adobe Commerce. It is powered by Magento. Hence, it offers overall CMS marketing, digital store and content publication solutions. Adobe sells two versions of CMS namely Community version and Premium service.

5. Squarespace:- It is suitable for any kind of website. Any person can make a website through this platform. The physical store, owners, professionals and bloggers also use it to create their websites. But, it costs money. Squarespace allows more creativity for your websites. It focuses on content creation and easy CMS marketing. Here, you don’t need to ask your own web hosting. You will get everything at a monthly charge.

Learn About WordPress

As I told you, WordPress is the most popular website building platform. If you search for any website, then the chances of getting WordPress sites are more than other websites.

Advantages of WordPress for beginners
1. No Subscription

For beginners, there is great news that it’s totally free of charge. Here, you can try your destiny. You don’t need to spend a single penny.

2. Highly User-Friendly

Using WordPress is similar to Google Docs. There is no tension about how to add your content. It’s easy and customizable. WordPress has a ‘plugin’ facility. Overall, it helps to add contact forms, subscription forms, image galleries, stores on your websites.

3. Easily Work on Small Devices

It looks great on every android phone and tablet. It reduces the work of web developers on creating websites. A lot of people use it. So, you can ask for help from them.

Before going to step 2, I want to clear domain name.

Domain Name :-  It is a series of text that contains a numeric IP address. This name is applied to approaching a website from client software. Generally, you can register a domain name with a registrar. There are currently 300 million registered domain names.

Don’t confuse a domain name and a URL   

URL stands for Uniform resource locator. It is also called a web address. It consists of the domain name of a site. For example, at the URL ‘https://marketing’. Here, for example, marketing bloq is the domain name, https is a protocol and  /learning/ is the path to a specific page.

Step 2:- Search a Domain Name and Website Hosting

WordPress doesn’t provide free domain names and website hosting. It’s not expensive. It’s about your phone’s recharge pack. This will cost only 3 – 5 dollars per month.

Website hosting services will also help users to make sure that your website won’t go down. It helps with loading quickly.

Need Help to Pick a Domain Name ?

There are a few guidelines for choosing your domain name.

1. For business websites:-Name should be matched to your company name.

For instance,

2. For personal website:- Name should be like It will a great option for you.

Step 3:- Set up a Website and Start Designing

First, you learn about WordPress One-Click Install.

1. Log into your Customer Portal.

2. Go to Dashboard, after that you will get your profile.

3. Tap the create website icon.

4. On a New Page, you can install it on Your Primary Domain at one click.

5. Click to Get Started to process installation.

6. After getting successful installation, log in to your new website and a temporary URL. The temporary URL will enable you to go on your dashboard. If your domain is not yet linked to your server.

7. Tap on copy button to copy your unique username and password.

8. Click on the button Go to WordPress.

9. Paste your copied item into the Login details.

Now, you enjoy your WordPress ID. Add content, pages and posts. You make your website like a book whose pages are well organised. You should work on additional customization options for better response.

So, also work on title, tagline, colours, typography, backward image, menus and widgets.

WordPress provides plugins both free and premium. It adds all kinds of features and functionality to websites. There are some plugins listed as the following .

4 Best Plugins for Beginners

1. Yoast SEO:- It is a top search engine optimization plugin. Yoast SEO adds optimisation prompts to each post. It also helps in customizing Open Graph social media tags.

2. Jetpack:- It accelerates many characteristics such as  website speed, optimization, site research, social media integration, contact forms and digital marketing.

3. Smush:- It contracts images uploaded to WordPress. Also, it helps in storage space and speeds up page load times.

4. MonsterInsights:- It adds Google Analytics to the WordPress dashboard.


Briefly, making a website is not so easy, but, with these guidelines, you will do it. In addition, this blog will help beginners step by step with website designing. I would recommend you to use WordPress.

Thus, It is really convenient. Make your website and rule over the content world.