How to Set up Instagram Shopping – Marketing Tips 2022

What is Instagram Shopping? How to turn on Instagram Shopping?

If you want to start your business on Instagram but don’t have any idea how to do. This blog will help you to get all your answers regarding Instagram Shopping.

In this blog, You’ll learn following things:

  • Why you should do Instagram shopping
  • How to set up for Instagram shopping posts and stories
  • Optimisation of shoppable posts to drive sales and attract traffic

Instagram Shopping

Table of Contents

Basics of Instagram Shopping

  • What is Instagram Shopping
  • Why need of Instagram Shopping
  • Advantages of Instagram Shopping
  • Set up for Instagram
  • Ideas to create Product Catalog
  • Guideline to create Shopping Post of Instagram
  • How to create Shopping Post
  • Tips for increase sales on Instagram shopping

Basics of Instagram Shopping

It is a set of features. It allows people to easily purchase desired brands through Instagram. Because of COVID – 19, Business faced different challenges. They started to do online sales of goods or services. Here, people visit a shop on Instagram’s profile. On feeds and stories, many businesses disclose their brands. For instance, American model Kylie Jenner always advertise her cosmetic’s brand on Instagram.

Needs of Instagram Shopping

  • Massive Increase in revenue

Instagram provides platform to make followers. If someone is following you, they can be interested in your business. It increases traffic and revenue of business.

  • Virtual Shopping

Here, businesses tags product directly in their posts. On the other hand, users can purchase products without any hindrance. In addition, it forms quick and easy way to show a full collection.

  • Advertisements with Product Tags

Without a doubt, It increases your reach. At first, it boosts your customers and makes profit for business. The users tap on product and go to detail page. A CTA(Call To Action) on this page redirects and users can complete orders.

Advantages of Instagram Shopping

  • The users can easily discover the products
  • Provides quick and simple shopping experience
  • Of course, customers can easily convinced to buy product
  • Introduce Fashion world to customers
  • Saves customer’s time and display a lot of varieties
  • Attractive offers of festive seasons entice new customers
  • Utilize the network to reach customers
  • It does not charge cost for doing shopping

Set up of Instagram

Indeed, this blog will help you to set your business on Instagram

Setting up an Instagram is too easier than a real shop. There is few steps for build Instagram Shop. For Instance, i have entitled official Instagram account of Adidas and Chanel.

Step 1. Make Business Account

If you don’t have any account on Instagram, then create a new Instagram account. This business account have access to all sorts of exciting analytics. It can use Dashboard for posts.

Do change personal account. Tap on Switch to Professional account.

2. Need to connect with a Facebook Page

For Instagram Shopping, Facebook Page is mandatory. Therefore, you can’t have your own Instagram Shop without it.

Steps to Create Facebook Page

  • On Instagram, go to Edit Profile tool.
  • Tap on Switch to Professional account and continue it.
  • Tap Continue on Get Professional Tools
  • Choose Categories of Business and tap on Done
  • Tap on Option of Business
  • Under Public Business Information, update relevant data
  • Connect to Facebook
  • Create your Own Facebook Page
  • Update Page Title and Category and tap on Next

Post Catalog of Your Product

For this purpose, you upload all of your products. Now, Hootsuite has a Shopify integration. It is extremely easy to manage catalog from Dashboard.

Steps For Catalog Creation

  1. Collect all your product based data.
  2. Make planning of catalog layout and structure
  3. Design your product catalog. Use Online Document Creator to design catalog
  4. Publish or Download the Catalog from Dashboard.

Tips for Optimisation of Instagram Shopping

If you want to fail your competitors then boost sales growth on Instagram. I am listing few tips in the following.

  • Use attractive images of Products – Use Eye Catchy picture who drive your customers.
  • Create Better Descriptions – Write a perfect caption on Instagram to fuel your sales growth.
  • Do livestreaming – Make fun reels for customers. Moreover, Users love watching live videos. They attract to funny and engaging contents.
  • Shoppable Posts – It helps brands to sell directly on Instagram.
  • Add a link to your story

Guidelines to create Shopping Post of Instagram

Now, You have a digital store. You are ready to sale products. But, You need one thing that is the Customer. Finally, just tell the Instagram world what you are selling.

  • Upload Snaps of your product on daily basis with relevant Caption.
  • Tap on your Tag products and appear it where it can be easily seen by your audience.
  • Stick the Tag Product name


In summary, Social Networks have changed into marketplaces. As well as it gives seamless experience for your customers. In fact, many users follow trending fashion and wants to purchase immediately.



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