LinkedIn Marketing : The Ultimate Guide 2023

Guide For LinkedIn Marketing Success in 2022

A company’s LinkedIn is one of the most powerful resources nowadays. LinkedIn helps your business or brand to get opportunities. The platform helps in exploring the best one for your company. It is easy to set up a LinkedIn account and one of the best strategies to maximize the page’s benefits.

A LinkedIn marketing tool helps you in growing every day. LinkedIn was launched in 2003. The platform includes members that connect and share professionally. The platform is a powerful and fascinating tool.

Points to Cover:

  1. What is LinkedIn?
  2. What is LinkedIn marketing?
  3. Need for LinkedIn marketing.
  4. Use hashtags
  5. LinkedIn profile vs LinkedIn page
  6. Sharing external articles
  7. Creating Posts and scheduling them
  8. Effective ways to use your LinkedIn account
  9. Marketing on LinkedIn
  10. Conclusion

What is LinkedIn?

More than 774 million users across the globe use the LinkedIn platform. It is one of the top social networks of the day. LinkedIn isn’t limited to posting, to improve the brand you have to build your network, boost leads and increase revenues through good conversation and by creating awareness.

Initially, the platform was underutilized. However, with the change in the social media marketing strategy, it has transformed itself positively. Nowadays, everyone looks at LinkedIn profiles before applying or hiring.

Many companies, people, and influencers have created their LinkedIn profiles in order to make connections and the aware public of their identity.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

Marketing on Linkedln is very important. Along with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Linkedln is also doing marketing on a huge disservice. Marketing on LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It is a very essential platform that generates leads 227% more effectively than the other two other media; Facebook and Twitter. 

LinkedIn marketing

While using LinkedIn it is important to use the following key points:


LinkedIn drives traffic to your website. Through identical, relevant hashtags, you can easily grow your network. Sharing experience and tagging hashtags make a great way to job opportunities. Hashtags add emphasis to our LinkedIn posts. They make the marketing strategy look better and more purposeful. Hashtags are also the reason to glamourize LinkedIn profiles. 

Search for Relevant, Popular and Short Hashtags.

These are used to tap new audiences, and niches. However, you need to be careful about which hashtags to be used. The wrong unpopular and unrelated hashtags can be the main hindrance to your audience reach.

2) LinkedIn profile vs LinkedIn page

A lot of people misunderstand the terms; LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn page. Both the terms vary from each other. Both of them serve a different purpose in LinkedIn marketing. A LinkedIn page can only be followed when a user shares your page with their contact, then those individuals will follow your business then see your business page with higher engagement.


A LinkedIn profile serves the same purpose but is primarily used differently. LinkedIn profiles are unique they have the ability to be unique and have one on one conversations with the connections you have built over the site. A LinkedIn profile is a very helpful tool. It creates a very advantageous marketing workflow. As a business person, you can create a personal profile. Which will help strangers in liking your page too.

3) Sharing External Articles

LinkedIn supports external links and websites. Implying, you can share people’s content on your platform if it is relevant and add value to your contacts. You can also add people or tag them on your website. Give them credit via using hashtags and sharing their content.

This will also help you in building connections. Once you share their content, they will be happy to share and spread your page too. 

An ultimate guide to LinkedIn marketing.

4) Creating Posts and Scheduling Them

Your LinkedIn should be a mix of short and long posts. A quick blog makes it easier for the readers to read them in a very short time. And a long blog gives a longer dwell on your site. Do not always post big 30 lines paragraphs as your network would not always have the same time to read your monologues on your LinkedIn. Also, too many short posts may not provide duller information to the reader. Henceforth, make your LinkedIn profile a mixture of quick bold posts and long-form, stories, incident posts. Make sentences short and informative. Add pictures and videos. And remember to be relevant.

Whether you publish your blogs once a week, or every other day, you have to make sure that you are building trust amongst your network by sharing your content. Create a schedule for your blogs and check if it yields a good amount of engagement of the users. If it does, stick to it. If it is not, make changes accordingly.

Effective ways to use your LinkedIn account

  1. Customizing Public Profile

Once, you customize your profile it helps people in sharing your profile easily. Also, it makes your profile looks more professional. Make your LinkedIn profile professional by clicking on view profile and then choosing edit public profile and URL. Make URL easy and understandable. You can edit the same with your business name or maybe with the logo of your business.

2. LinkedIn Background Picture

You know you are using the platform to showcase your brand. Hence, make sure you add personality to your LinkedIn platform. You can update the picture by clicking on the edit tool visible on the picture itself. 

The background picture should be eye catchy and the size should be 1584*396 pixels. 

3. Sections on Your LinkedIn Profile 

You can add, remove and rearrange sections on your LinkedIn profile according to you. this way you can easily highlight the important stuff on your profile. You can easily click, drag, choose options on your profile. 

LinkedIn helps in growing network

4. Use Search Engine

SEO or Search Engine Optimization isn’t limited to blogging. It is even used in the LinkedIn platform. To optimize your profile for the same, you should use key terms, headlines, and summaries in your business profile. 

5. Check and share your network

LinkedIn networks updates are essential. For this, you should check your feed regularly. For quick snapshots, customers feedback, and competitors’ work, you should be quick. It is always recommended to check and share your network publicly.  You can filter whatever you want to see or read on your profile feed. You may even sign up for recent updates. 

Make sure your profile’s name, profile picture, headlines, and other identifiers are attractive and easy to see.

Market on LinkedIn

Use search Alerts in LinkedIn Recruiter

It is essential to use saved searches and search alerts in the LinkedIn recruiter. You can save search if you are marketing job opportunity. With the option of LinkedIn recruiter, you can save many searches and receive alerts as per the filters on your .profile. You can have daily or regular updates accordingly. 

Mention Job Opportunities on Your LinkedIn Profile

It is always a marketing idea of presenting a list of job opportunities on your LinkedIn profile. Also, add your position on the LinkedIn jobs page, so that your network can know about your business. 

Take advantage of Endorsements Never sit back when it comes to availing LinkedIn endorsements. The offer ENDORSEMENTS allows you to recognize people in your network by their skills and talents. Through this, you can promote the skills of the people you are working with.

Open Profiles 

When it comes to connecting to new people, it is best to use open profiles. You might have to send personalized messages to partners customers or even to some new stranger. Therefore, fellow LinkedIn Group members, allow you to send messages to people whom you are contacting for the very first time. An open profile helps you in building your network. It helps in messaging any member on LinkedIn regardless of membership type.

Export and Customize Your Connections

There are several ways to grow your network professionally. One of them is customizing your network. You can customize your network by adding viewing or removing connections. Do not show your connection to everyone, especially your competitors. You may even sync your contact list and all your email addresses. Of course, you can drive traffic to your site by building your connection. Many businessmen export their connection to the contact management system. You can try the same by clicking on ADVANCED SETTINGS, and then start exporting your LinkedIn connections. 

LinkedIn Groups are Essential

LinkedIn groups have always been a very important tool in building connections on LinkedIn. Joining different related groups has always been a guiding and helpful tool for different businesses. These are a way to make connections and increase your hub. LinkedIn groups help you in creating awareness of your brand and participating in different useful and knowledgeable group discussions.

Together, by joining LinkedIn groups you can view different profiles and get in touch with them. 

You can even create your own LinkedIn group. Through your own group, you will be able to establish your leadership skills amongst a large community, promote your own brand and generate new leads in the market. One of the main merits of creating your own LinkedIn group is you will simply communicate with the members of the group. As a leader, you will be able to send them personal messages and solve their doubts accordingly. You can bring relevant content for discussion.

At the end of the day, it's your LINKEDIN GROUP.

Sponsored Content and Ads

LinkedIn ads are preferred by most businesses. This is a very smart step. Ads are shown to a targeted audience. Hence, ads create a huge impact.  These ads target specific job functions, job titles, and people. There are four types of ads that you can use on LinkedIn :

Your blogs should be attractive to your network.


Any sponsored content will show up on the LinkedIn feed. Later will reach a highly engaged audience for the same. These sponsored content will be labeled as promoted Sponsored content can include anything like image ads, event ads, video ads and etc. 


These are conversation ads. These sponsored messages engage potential people with the message ads directly in their message boxes. 

Lead Gen Forms:

These are advertisements in the form of collecting information from public Lead Gen forms are pre-filled forms that help in collecting relevant information from the targeted audience. 

Text Ads:

These ads can be in the form of text or a spotlight. These text ads are small ads that are very relevant and attractive.


LinkedIn marketing is a very essential tool. You can share your content on LinkedIn and even publish your experience on the platform. It allows you to follow different websites and people and keep an eye on the competitors. You can easily build connections, and engage your audience in your posts. The platform gives your various opportunity in creating awareness of your brand and driving traffic to your website. To know more about such marketing guide, check our website Twitter Marketing: The Ultimate Guide 2022 – Marketing Bloq