On-Page and Off-Page : SEO Guide 2022

On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO: What You Should Know in 2022

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SEO rank is important to your website.

Brief about SEO?

Since the early days, Search Engine Optimizations have been a very helpful tool in reaching new audiences and spreading knowledge about a specific brand/website. Hence, it increases traffic and drives growth. SEO is the practice of improving both the quality and quantity of organic traffic to one’s site.

SEO has also changed with the advancements in technology. In the initial stages, SEO only used backlinks and keywords for the content. Gradually, it has become a technical practice that ensures high-quality websites.

Why do you need SEO?

Following are some of the many advantages of SEO:

  • Visibility attracts a lot of new clients.
  • Increase quality if your website.
  • Increases traffic and overall performance.
  • Overall growth.

Types of SEO

Generally there are two types of SEO: ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE


On-page SEO, refers to all the on-site techniques that help in determining how well that page ranks on SERP.

On page SEO uses both content and technical elements. Through, these it improves the overall quality of the page. Including, the more on page SEO you do, the more you get ranked and the more relevant/original traffic you will generate on your website.

Along with this you should always remember that your content is more relevant, interesting, engaging and informative. In other words, you have to value people’s time who are referring to your site. To get an original interactive readers, you should  make sure that your content are presented in the form of videos, web page copy, blogs, eBooks, interviews, case studies, original research and other creative platforms. 

Below, I have listed the many technical aspects that can be optimized with on page SEO: 

  1. Title tags: Title tags are one of the important HTML elements that you should never skip. These tags are used to designate the name of the webpage. Each and every title tag should be descriptive and of course unique. They get displayed on SERPS. Hence, should also be innovative and catchy. Also, remember that your tag shouldn’t exceed 60 characters in lengths.
  2. URL structures: This is very essential. URL structure on a webpage makes it relevant. It should be descriptive. Also, URL structure should optimize with keywords, instead of links. 
  3. Headings: Headings are titles to your respective content. Remember there isn’t a single heading. There can be five headings but should focus on the relevancy and description of the text. You can use H1(main heading) H2 to H6 (sub headings) format for the best results. 
  4. Internal links: These links make SEO to understand your site in an easier manner. Also, they make the reader navigate quickly through your site. In simpler words, your sub page should link back to the main homepage.
  5. Meta descriptions: Meta descriptions are again an essential technique. These are vivid descriptions of 160 word. These are important as they convince viewers to read your content instead of others. Hence should be informative and catchy. The brief description appears just below the title and URL.
  6. All text for images: Image optimization is another aspect where you need to pay attention. Initially, you have to look for the file size and the loading speed of the respective image. Thereafter, you have to be careful with the proper naming and image optimizing. Also, you should remember that the images are not read by search engine spider. Therefore, you have to use alt tags to make them comprehensible. 


Off-Page method includes link building. It focuses on another web page for improvement on your site’s rank.

While On-page SEO will focus on key words, descriptions, and the quality of your web content. Off-page SEO will mainly promote your website through other web pages. Your viewers are built with link building. Hence, it enhances the website’s credibility and builds trust amongst the readers. A single backlink from an authorized and popular site may increase a lot of traffic to your website. Along with backlinks, you can also focus on guest blogging and other important sources of this method. To know more about guest blogging refer to; Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Link Building.

Other Techniques of Off-page SEO

External link building gets you a good rank on the SEO. Other than link building, social media marketing is a very important aspect of off page SEO. It is unusual to find a person without any social media handle. Therefore, effective social media marketing, attracts a lot of new and original viewers to your web site.

Influencer marketing is another useful technique for building on your average regular audience. You should also practice in Quora, and other question answering sites. This way, you advertise your brand and interact with audience on a larger platform.

Sharing Backlink content to various sites also increases familiarity between mass viewers. Backlink content can be audio, image or video sharing through famous platforms.


Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to evolve and flourish on this digital platform. SEO, both on-page and off-page give you the best strategy to increase your regular audience. Whether it is link building or it is originality of your content. You should always look for the every day’s improvement.

If you focus on all these aspects, you should definitely see an upward graph on your organic traffic to your website.  Therefore, will enhance your rank on SEO without risking a Google penalty.

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