The 7 Types of Logos & How to Use Them | Logo Design 2022

7 Types of Logos and Which Ones to Use For Your Brand 2022

A logo is the identification of your business through a symbolic presentation. But did you know there are seven types of logos?

Each type of brand has a different kind of logo and the reason is there is no one-size-fits-all logo that is ideal for all needs.

Here we discuss, How many types of logos are there?

What type of logo should be used and where? And we’ll tell you when to avoid using it.

Come and let’s check it out here also the most prestigious brand follows which type of logo and why so?

The two basic types of logos are:
1. Image or icon-based logos
2. Name-based logos

Let’s be a little extravagant in this answer! You’ll find descriptions of 7 different sorts of logos that fall within these categories farther down. So here we proceed with the discussion on the type of logo and together with this help you to understand, where it should be used and where using it can be a bad idea and why so. Let’s begin.


One of the oldest methods of logo creation is the emblem. Apple’s first logo was of the emblem type. Initially, alterations occur on a regular basis, resulting in a new structure with multiple changes. Starbuck, Harley-Davidson is also a fantastic example of emblem logo design that unfortunately undergo several modifications. In emblem design, the text portion of the logo is always wrapped within some form of shape.

The most popular aspect of this sort of logo is its very fine line and fine line detail image, which has always been used.

Furthermore, there is no hard and fast rule that an image must be used as a design element. For example, Harley Davidson’s logo is one of the logos with a fantastic font choice expressed in a very simple and sophisticated manner without any image.

Additionally, if you wish to display an old history of a brand through a logo, you must use an emblem type. As if your firm has endured through the ages and continues with the same type of trust in the present too.

When to avoid using it:

Emblem logos contain a lot of information, and we know logo size is quite small. It’s challenging to fit everything into such a small space. This is the main drawback that makes brands reconsider their decision before choosing this.

Wordmark/ Logotype

It is a type of logo design where we actually use the company name in the logo. The best examples of wordmark logos are Coca-cola, Google, Visa, and so on. For a new firm with a short name, a wordmark is a smart choice. We employed wordmarks to help the brand become more well-known.

This style of logo is easily remembered, which is one of the most important aspects of a good logo design. Mainly, the logotype is used when someone chooses to encourage brand value with its actual brand name.

For example, many brands in the fashion industry used their brand name as their logo like Armani, Amir Adnan. The most important consideration is the logo’s font. You must be very selective while choosing the right one. When to avoid using it:
If your company’s name is quite lengthy, then using a wordmark for your logo is no longer a good idea. In terms of design, it appears weird and ludicrous. 

Lettermarks/ Monogram logo

People may get confused with the letter mark and wordmark sometimes. In wordmark, we used complete words of the brand but in letter mark, we chose the focus letter and created an initial. A letter mark or monogram is a design made up of two or more letters of the alphabet combined or intertwined, also called a lettermark when designing a logo. With just a few letters, it turns out to be easy for the customer to recognize the brand as it is largely relatable with the brand name.

A letter logo is effective for brand optimization for any company with a long name. The best example is HBO. The full form of HBO is “Home Box Office” which is too lengthy to keep as a wordmark type. There are many more big brands that prefer letter marks for their logos. So the rule is very clear, the lettermark should be used only when your company’s name is way too lengthy.

When to avoid using it:

And using “Lettermark type” in a logo for a new business is not really a cool idea as your audience is unaware of your existence and not able to relate at very first attention.

Brand Mark or Pictorial Mark

This logo design is derived in the form of an icon, symbol, or graphic base logo in a specific manner. It is not abstract in the sense that if you read the first line and think of Nike as an example, you are going in the incorrect direction. The right examples of pictorial marks are Twitter, apple, and target.

Like what you see as an icon is truly relevant to the brand name. Like the brand, the name apple represents its logo with an actual apple image. Somehow, relevant and easy to recognize.

When choosing a pictorial mark, the most important factor to consider is the image to use. This is something that will stick to your company forever. So you have to be very particular about this.

This type of logo must be used only if you are too popular in your competition. Even like, Starbuck modified its logo from emblem to pictorial under the long journey and so many popular brands too.

When to avoid using it:

If you are a part of a serious firm or new in the business. It ideally suggests you to not choose brand marks. As people do not get that at very first sight and neither is it going to create an urge among them with the image they have never seen before. Many brands use pictorial marks in a rebranding process. It means they have existed for a long time and are capable enough to go ahead with an icon or symbol which speaks in their favor.

Abstract logo mark

This logo is one of the most popular types and favorite categories for many existing brands. It’s an abstract geometric form that represents your company, rather than a recognizable image like an apple or a bird. Nike swoosh is one of the best suitable examples of abstract logo marks which symbolizes the sound of speed. Impressive relevant inspiration is required to follow the abstract mark. It presents a form of meaningful gesture which totally goes with brand recognition.

When to avoid using it:

Same as Pictorial, the abstract form also requires a long period to be well known. So for a new startup, it’s not a good choice but once you recognize your brand value then for sure you can go with this type.


The mascot is basically a character that reminds people of your brand. Illustrated characters are often used in this type of logo likewise cartoonish presentation and so.

The mascot is a fun and colorful way to use your logo to create a spokesperson for your own brand. Colonel KFC, Pringles, and Cheetos are just a few of the well-known brands that have chosen the delight and unique medium to be in the market. It is a good way to establish a friendly call among children and families.

When to avoid using it:

For a serious type of business, it is not a preferable choice but if you have fun and joyful service like food or kindergarten type of industry then it can be really helpful.

Combination mark

This type of logo is made of all the combinations mentioned above. This is one of the most successful types of logo for every business out there. As I mentioned before, Abstract is one of the most favorite types in logo formation whereas combination mark is considered as the most practical logotype. The reason is, it has a pictorial presentation combined with a brand name which makes it easy to recognize. The best examples of combination brands are Dove, Dunkin Donuts, Burger king.

In the end

There is no such hard and fast rule that you should follow while creating one. It’s totally your call, choose what you like but the above point is just to help you to sort out with best.



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