What is a Facebook Custom Audience & How do we Use It?

About Custom Audiences | Facebook Business Help Centre

When you choose Custom audience you can selectively share your ads with specific people or hide it from specific people. You can also share with specific friend or your colleagues lists if you have set them up. Custom audience also provides the option to share with groups or networks you belong to.

What are the Facebook custom audiences?

A Facebook Custom Audience is a targeted promotional service that allows businesses to import user email addresses for re-targeting on the social media platform. Custom Audiences are very effective way for online businesses to interact with relevant users across multiple channels.

How do we create a custom audience on Facebook ?

  • Go to your Audiences.
  • If you already have your audiences, then click the Create Audience dropdown and select Custom Audience.
  • Choose Website traffic.
  • Set a rule section.
  • Add more inclusive or excluded rule sections as desired.
  • Give your audience a name
  • Click Create Audience.

How does Facebook Custom Audiences work?

Targeting audiences is very simple. Just start typing the name of the Custom Audience you want to target and select it from the auto list. If you want, you can select more than one Custom Audience to increase your reach of the same.

How does Facebook custom audience work?

A Custom Audience made from a customer list is a type of audience you can create to help build your reach or target . You have collected about your customers (such as email, phone number and address) and provided to Facebook to target them.

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