What is Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? And How Does it Work to Make Money?

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Cryptocurrency refers to the use of cryptography for any number or form of payment, much like using tokens or cash.

Cryptography can be used to create a transactions ledger that cannot be seen by outsiders but only viewed by the parties involved in it.

This technology has paved the way for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more – all relying on decentralized system that relies upon its own network (meaning no one owns it) instead of banks.

As miners verify each transaction with computer-generated math problems, they are rewarded in cryptocoins which increases the company’s ability to produce coins without the need for an investor or bank.

If you have a few bitcoins, what are you waiting for? Do not worry about news reporting volatility. Coins are being created at predictable rates.

Yes, there will be dips in their value but overall they will continue to grow at unprecedented rates. Just wait for the next surge and hodl on tight!

Keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are relatively new markets so it pays to do your own research before dipping your toes into anything given the still volatile nature of this situation*

Many people who invested early enough have seen incredible returns.

Ethereum’s value has steadily risen every day since its inception, making many people millionaires within months of investing in cryptocurrency by simply holding onto these digital tokens*.