What is Microblogging With Examples 2022


Microblogging Definition & Meaning

If You are tired of expense of Advertisements or not gaining a desired outcome. You are dreaming to be a blogger? Do you need tips for blogging? So, This blog will help you to find your answer.

Table of content

What is microblogging

  • What is microblogging
  • Origin of microblogging
  • Need of microblogging

Different blogging sites and its usage

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Plurk
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

What is Microblogging ?

Micro blogging is art of writing short blogs. In micro blog, links, audio, images and video are included. It connects you with the world through short pieces of content. It doesn’t matter where your reader lives. In this blog, we will learn more about it.

Origin of Microblogging

First of all, the word micro blog use more widely by 2006 and 2007. There are several blogging sites such as  Flipter, PingGadget, Pownce, Plurk and Jaiku. Social Networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Diaspora, Google+ and XING also provides blogging platform. For micro blogging service, creating blog is primary service. So, Status Updates does not consider as micro blog because it is secondary service.

Need of MicroBlogging

  • Makes Online Community

Microblogging facilitates to connect the world. In short, It avails global information. It makes online community where audience can interact. A micro blog teaches current events or time sensitive information. Great source of knowledge without visiting a lot of websites.

  • Creates Marketing and Public Relations

The microblogging services have increased sharply. Indeed, it is very useful for small busines. It helps to build reputation and brand awareness.

  •  Socio Political Revolutions

The micro blogging gives instant news updates during crisis. For instance, Global economic recession, Afghanistan-Taliban war and Political turmoil in Myanmar. The concise nature allows to post quickly and reaching to audience in few seconds.

  • Revolution of Information Consumerism

In general, people share what they see in their surroundings. They share about events and theirs opinions. It has also empowered people to act as great source of information. Altogether, The authorship nature can be promoted by Micro-Blogging.

  • Making Strategy for Brands

Microblogging is a tool to reach the audience. overall, It attracts better engagements. If you want to build relationship with your customer then boost your engagement rate. You need to entertain a group of people who regularly read, share and enjoy your work. An enthusiastic audience will also help to promote your products and services. It cut the burden of paid marketing and advertisements.

  • Better Mobile Interaction

Most of the people now use android phones for all web searches. The users irritates to read lengthy contents on mobile. Live streaming entertains people and boosts traffic.

Different Blogging Sites

Different  Microblogging sites :

1. Twitter

If you are searching for optimum msites for blogging, so Twitter is a unique gift for you. Twitter launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan williams. It is accessible on web interface, application or SMS.

A social network who provides micro blogging service. As well as, Micro blogging is endowment of Twitter. It allows users to express their thoughts up to 140 characters or less. The users convey opinion, thoughts and ideas in limited words which can be easily legible.

This social networking site gives users a personal page for updating their short messages. It attracted a lot of users because gives comfort to deliver message.

For instance, Donald Trump, Elon Musk and many more politician and celibrities are popular due to their tweets and controversies.

2. Instagram

Instagram launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom. An awesome tool which boosts followers and their engagements. t has facility of more save which results more followers and shares.

Furthermore, Instagram blogs put the odds in favor. You can drive traffic to your blog with use of creative videos, stories or posts.

 Swipe up feature appears after having 10000 followers. It helps users to add a link on landing page, blog post, sign up page or products on story. The bloggers also use link in bio to invite new ones.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is American based social networking website. Founded in 2007 by David Karp. Its parent company is Yahoo.

A blogger can share multimedia such as video, audio and images. Tumblr has young user demographic compared to other social networks. It allows teenagers to register. Tumblr hosts now over 2.17 million separate blogs with 420 million users.

How to Manage Blog on Tumblr ?

Dashboard – For typical Tumblr user, Dashboard is primary tool. Otherwise, You will get a live feed of followers. It allows to connect their blogs to their twitter and Facebook.

Queue – Users can set up a schedule to delay their posts for several hours or days.

Tags – On the other hand, Tags help their audience to find posts about certain topics.

HTML editing –  The theme of blog is possible for editing. HTML coding helps in controlling the appearance of their blog. Here, users can use a custom domain name for blog.

4. Plurk

Plurk founded by Alyin Woon in 2008. This space is available in 45 languages.

A free social network which provides micro blogging services. At first, Users get new updates through short message, links limited to 360 text characters. The updates are shown on home page of users on timeline. Hence, timeline lists all updates received in chronological order.

Horizontal scrolling of timeline is also unique feature of Plurk. User’s interface makes its unique where they can change the user interface using CSS and HTML. Equally important, they can post new messages with optional one word verbs. It has a good design for adding friends by finding them on your other buddy lists.

5. Facebook

It is an effective channel of micro-blog. Here, Users share text, live videos and more to connect with audience.

The blog will guide you to do micro-blogs on Facebook.

  • Through Facebook posts

The research says that Facebook posts with 80 text characters or less originates 88% or more traffic. In addition, it is a great place to circulate blogs. Many bloggers use this social networking site for sharing videos, image and test based content.

  • Through Facebook Notes

Because of Facebook notes, you can create same blogs you could host on popular blogging sites. It does not gain much attention like others. The Facebook notes feature does not generate automatically, you have to add it on your Facebook page.

6. LinkedIn

Likewise, LinkedIn is a virtual platform specially for business organisations and professionals. The main feature is to offer online professional networking site.

Why LinkedIn

  • Drive more readers for your blog.

LinkedIn has more than 500 millions users across the world. If you put efforts into blogs, then you have opportunity to have great exposure and reach.

  • Completely free for publication

LinkedIn provides free domain name and pay for ads. Its users always seek relevant information related to their industry. Eventually, You will get opportunity to make them your active reader.


In conclusion, Microblogging is a tool to propagate your brand. In other words, It establishes bilateral communication. Microblogging can describe the community intention. Few words can change your business world.

Therefore, It is not expensive rather than another advertisement tools. If you have small business then just use this platform.

Of course, You have golden opportunity to expand your business.