What is the Best Web Hosting Service in The USA?

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Choosing the best hosting service can be a little problematic if you don’t know what to look for. Everyone has different needs and different companies cater to that.

Basically, there isn’t a way to decide which web hosting company is the best, but there are a few points on which you can base your choice.

So where to start?

First of all, it is important to assess your website’s needs. Do you already have a website and just plan to move it or do you plan to build a brand new one?

If you already have a website, it is going to be much easier to assess things like how much disc space you need or how much traffic your website generates.

However, when you only plan of building a website, you can only guess how much resources will it require approximately.

Different hosting companies offer different hosting plans. The main ones being:

  • Shared hosting – for small to medium-sized websites. The perfect plan for a start;
  • VPS hosting – for those who want to have their private unmanaged server and total control over it;
  • Cloud hosting – for big traffic projects, and managed interface.

Although there are even more hosting plan types. If you fancy one of those, be aware, that not every company will carry them out:

  • Dedicated hosting – for the big-sized websites, who want their private server, and full unmanaged admin access;
  • Reseller hosting – for those who want to make a business out of reselling hosting to other clients;
  • Colocation hosting – for those who are one step ahead, and need only the space, physical security, power and cooling for one’s hardware.

After you know which type of hosting plan you need, it’s time to assess certain points of the hosting company.

If you are looking for the best hosting in the USA, most likely your website’s visitors will be USA based. The closer the servers’ location is to the visitors of the website, the better and faster it should work.

It is recommended that the company you choose at least has a server on the same continent as most of your visitors.

Another important thing in choosing a hosting provider is speed. Website speed can be measured in response time and page load speed, or just generally called website performance.

The great performance of the host indicates, that your website will have a great performance as well. It’s in your best interest to look for a speed performance-oriented company.

Companies increase their server performance by using cutting-edge technologies like Litespeed cache plugins, SSD drives, spam and threat detection tools, all the newest updates (e.g. PHP 7.4.) and much more.

One more thing to look for – 99,9% or more uptime. No one wants their website constantly being down because of the unsatisfactory performance of the host.

Even though the thought of 100% uptime sounds lovely, I wouldn’t say it is easy or even possible to maintain.

Mistakes and accidents happen, and even the newest technologies can fail sometimes. I would take the companies who state that they will be up 100 percent of the time with a grain of salt.

After checking the technical parameters, let’s see what other things are important to assess before deciding on the best hosting for you.

Even if everything is going perfect, once in a while one might need some help. Here is where the hosting providers’ support comes in handy.

Choose your preference – phone, ticketing or live chat support. Maybe the hosting company has a mix of two.

It’s important that the hosting company answers fast, although it’s even more important that they are competent enough to help with complex questions.

It is also important that a company has a sufficient knowledge base in the form of articles or tutorials, where you can read about the common issues and procedures yourself.

Maybe you don’t want to be constantly dependent on the support, and do a little reading yourself.

Did you know that word of mouth is one of the most influential things in sales? Why not check what the other customers are saying about the company you have your eye on?

Since you want to know which hosting company is the best in the USA, you might also want the .us domain. Check if the hosting company is registered as a domain registrar and whether they have the domain you need if you intend on buying one.

It is not essential, but it can save you some hassle while buying and registering a new domain. You might be able to get the .us or any other domain as a freebie in general.

Last but not least – the price of the hosting plan. In this competitive market, you will see many companies competing tightly with each other. Don’t worry, if you go through all the points I made above, and the company looks good and decent, a low price is just a win.

If you are still lost, I can recommend one reliable hosting provider. At Hostinger prices start as low as 0.99/month. You can try it out, and if you feel like Hostinger is quite not your taste, there is a 30-day money-back policy!

There is a substantial amount of 330,000 web hosting providers in the world. So I think it’s safe to say there isn’t one best-hosting provider.

Some hosts might be good for some, while not well suited for others. Although, there is a way to choose which one is best for you. I hope you will find it and have a wonderful online journey!