What Is Voice Search & How to Optimize for Voice Search in 2022

How to Optimize for Voice Search in 2022

Voice search is a technology that allows users to perform a Google web search on the internet by voice asking a question on a smartphone, smart device or a computer.

As far as i know that SEO terms goes, voice search is probably the very easy to understand. Voice search is simply any search a person performs on the internet using a voice instead of typing or text in the search engine.

Voice Search is a function that allows users to search on the Web using Google through spoken voice by user rather than type.

Top voice search devices are following.

  1. Google Home
  2. Amazon Echo/Alexa
  3. Google Assistant
  4. Siri/iPhone
  5. Android Phones And Devices
  6. Microsoft Cortana

The difference between Google voice search and web search

There are very few key differences between Google web search and voice search. The biggest difference is that the voice search is conversational. Voice search is very natural and consist of longer sentences. Web search, on the other hand, is very simple to understand with basic concept.

With google web search users mostly focus on keywords and leave the search engines to the user intent. The search engines return results and users go through them one by one until they reach the correct information what they are looking for.

Some of the examples of voice search

Okay Google, where is the nearest shopping place?
Alexa, when is the board meeting time?
Alexa, which one is the cheapest fuel garage in Delhi?

Voice search is growing

Voice search is growing more rapidly, year on year bases and is becoming popular with all age groups, especially the younger generation in 2020.

Activities like shopping, calendar management, and many others are being supported as well with more added every single day.