The Future of Voice Search in 2023

How Voice Search Will Change the Digital Marketing


Advanced technology has uplifted society in many ways. The modernized world has changed the way people think and work. Search results have helped most startups, people in business, etc., get better results. Many content marketers strive to rank in the top search results for hundreds of keywords. Along with all these upliftment, Voice Search is one of the most current upgrades.

voice-enabled is simply searching by using human speech.

According to researchers, around 50 % of the searches are done through voice search. The advanced technology, voice search, is reshaping how we optimize our websites for SEO. The following article will help you learn more about the most popular topic, voice search. The read will help you in preparing your business to take advantage of the same.  

Outline of the Article

  1. What is Voice Search?
  2. Benefits of voice search
  3. Demerits of voice search
  4. Develop your content according to the targeted market
  5. Earning featured snippets 
  6. Facts on SEO and voice search
  7. How important is voice search for your business
  8. Conclusion

What is Voice Search?

Voice search makes it a bit more straightforward for us to get the information and answers we need to make buying decisions by allowing us to enter our inquiries verbally with “OK GOOGLE,” “HEY SIRI,” or “HEY ALEXA.”

In more simpler words, Voice search is the technology in which we can directly speak the question or statement on google, instead of typing the same. Voice search isn’t going away anytime soon because of the comfort layer. Businesses must consider this while optimizing websites and web pages for SEO.

Voice search is a new concept. A lot of marketers are still trying to figure out the many functions that voice search fans do,  how it works, and its benefits and demerits. Optimizing your website for this new search medium will enhance your SEO and deliver a more delightful user experience. You can use voice search anywhere.

It is available in your car, at home if you have a smart home device, on a PC with a microphone, and of course, on your mobile device. Users may utilize voice search with a home device, i.e., Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc., to surf the internet without having to visit a website. This implies they will only receive answers from the top-ranked website.

However, you must remember that while using voice search on a mobile device. You will still be directed to the list of most popular websites. It’s essentially a typical search, except you use your voice instead of entering it into your phone.

Benefits of Voice Search 

  1. Voice search allows you to do multiple tasks at the same time. 
  2. Voice search allows people to do things in an easier way, and you only have to speak in the microphone of your device.
  3. It makes the daily routine of prominent people in business very easy.
  4. People can save their time as voice search allows them to do things faster. 
  5. You can quickly get answers to your many questions. 

Demerits of Voice Search

  1. Lack of accuracy.
  2. Difficulty in recognizing accent and voice. 
  3. Background noise may lead to zero clarity. 
  4. Misinterpretation.

Develop Your Content According to the Targeted Market 

We do not speak in the same manner we write. Therefore, we should accept the same from our audience. We should expect a difference in writing and talk from our targeted people. It is mirrored in the way our target audience uses voice search to find information.

Instead of typing “Goa restaurants” and narrowing their search. People might use voice search to ask, “What are some nice restaurants in the North Goa?” Individuals feel convenient by using voice search, as they speak whatever they are feeling. They do not want to waste time scrolling and narrowing down their search.

The following points will help you in developing your content SEO:

Use Questions

Include words like “Who, What, Where, When, and Why,” all question phrases in your article. Consider what information your target audience is seeking for and how they would ask the inquiry if they were speaking rather than typing. This way, you will be able to increase your chances of getting a featured snippet.

Make Sure You Know the Purpose of the Search:  

Remember, people have to conclude by referring to your blog, product or services. Therefore, make sure the purpose of your site is straightforward. Do not forget to add your phone number and address on your website, and they should be up to date. The column for the same should be prominently displayed on your website.

Don’t forget to check your directory entries. It’s easy to know where to focus your efforts to acquire voice search results if you can figure out what people use voice search for.

Voice searches are conducted using different platforms.

Location is Important:

When it comes to identifying your location, try to be as specific as possible. Make a point of mentioning your current location and surrounding attractions in your material. Make sure you add relevant information.

Your Website Should Load Quickly:

People generally use voice searches to save t when people are too preoccupied with something else to sit down and write in their search query. We need to make their experience better.

Therefore, our website shouldn’t take a lot of time to load. Not only for the user’s convenience, but even Google prefers websites that load quickly.

Therefore, by loading the results quickly, you can get to the top of the rankings. Here are a few pointers to help your website load quickly:

  1. You should utilize website caching.
  2. Ascertain that all files are compressed.
  3. You should check and see if photographs in the site are optimized.
  4. You should reduce the number of redirects.
  5. Make sure to reduce the server response time.

Do Not Forget to Add Related Products or Services:

Do not hesitate to add any product or services that your targeted market is looking for. If there is a relevant product or service that people are on the lookout for, you should probably include them in your material. Because people can then discover your page more readily. 

Build Your Site as User-Friendliness:

Mobile users account for the majority of searches. Thus your site must be mobile-friendly.

In fact, 60% of smartphone users have used voice search at least once in the last 12 months.

Along with this, it is smart to practice having your website optimized for mobile. In reality, mobile accounts for slightly over half of all internet traffic. In today’s world, having a mobile-friendly website is a must. 

Voice search allows the users to use a voice command to search anything on the internet.

Do Highlight Your Competitive Advantage:

The last but important thing you want is for your target consumer to ask, “What is the greatest (your product or service here)?” on their respective microphones. To make sure that your business does show up in the search results, be sure to highlight what sets you apart from the competitors. Also, provide several positive client testimonials across your website.

Earning Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets are highlighted postings which businesses may achieve by providing what Google considers a comprehensive solution, to frequently asked inquiries. Voice searches look for particular questions rather than broad phrases.

Therefore, you will have to organize your content to address commonly requested queries.

Securing a featured snippet might help you do more than just bring your material to the top of search results pages. Better search positioning translates to more site traffic and sales.

A featured snippet may also help you create trust and credibility with your audience early in the sales process. All this gives you an advantage over the competition.

Facts on SEO and Voice Search

  1. The more your website is shared on social media platforms, the more it is in the top voice searches queries. 
  2. The faster your site loads, the more likely you will get into top search queries. A voice search query returns an average result that loads 52 percent faster than the typical page.
  3. Your short, concise, and simple language. On an average, 29 words are used in a voice search. 
  4. Structured data does nothing to your rank for voice search queries. 
  5. Simple answers rank you higher for voice search queries. 

How Important is Voice Search for You Business?

Voice search has become way too important for businesses nowadays. It is being integrated into the lives of common people. It creates an opportunity for many different organisations, businesses and brands. The voice search strategy improves the digital experience thus increasing brand awareness.

Voice search is a technical valuable insight which is very convenient to use. The updated tech of okay google, Siri and Alexa make utilise for more personalised messages, information, data and overall experience. 

The more easy your site is the more audience you have on your site. You will be able to make an easy friendly interaction with your company. It enhances your  SEO search results. Hence, it is important to adapt to the uplifted technology of voice search to get into top search results.


The popularity of voice search is only going to increase. In fact, voice search is used by 55% of youngsters. Voice-based commerce is anticipated to reach $40 billion by 2022. Therefore, it can be very effective in growing your business.

Voice search are very convenient to use. SEO changes will be continual as voice search becomes more popular.

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