Who Should Use Shared Hosting for WordPress ?

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Shared hosting is the most elementary and popular form of web hosting. It is used among those, who wish to create a small or medium scale business.

To decide if a shared hosting plan is what you need, let’s look into its structure and specifications.

Shared hosting structure

For those who don’t know – web hosting is a service that provides space for websites to be present on the Internet. When using a shared hosting plan, you share a server with other users. Sharing the same server means sharing resources such as disk space, memory, and CPU (central processing unit).

It is built for those who wish to create a website without any programming skills required. It is the easiest and cheapest form of hosting.

The downside is that your website might have limited bandwidth and will slow down if there’s a lot of traffic on the websites that are sharing the same server as you are.

Compared to VPS and Cloud hosting plans, Shared hosting may seem basic in its features, but it is enough if you use it for what it’s built for – small or medium-sized websites.

Shared hosting specifications

There is a set of features that are important when choosing a quality shared hosting plan. The limits of the plan and other hosting specifications depend on the hosting provider you pick.

  • Processing power & memory (RAM) – the amount of processing power and memory determines data transfer speed and the short-term memory storage space. The bigger the plan, the better.
  • Disk space – Shared hosting plans may grant up to 100GB of disk space. While a personal blog would function just fine with 20GB, a medium-sized business page owner might want to have a plan with 100GB disk space. That is why a hosting company has at least three different shared hosting options.
  • Bandwidth – refers to the amount of data that can pass along an Internet connection. It is best to get a plan that does not limit your bandwidth, no matter your business model. Just remember – Shared hosting plans are under the same server and share the bandwidth.
  • Uptime – uptime percentage importance is equally important to all the hosting plans. Look for a hosting provider that offers you 99.9% uptime and has a 24/7 server monitoring team.
  • Support – this service must be available for you to consult and solve any given issue there might be. It is best if you can get a quick answer from the company’s support team at any time of the day. If they use chat support – even better! This way, you can exchange useful data with the agent a lot faster.
  • Pricing – shared hosting plans start at as low as $0.99/month. The pricing of shared hosting plans is a huge perk for those who are just starting out.
  • Ease of use – Shared hosting requires little to no technical maintenance. Hostinger will set up your shared server, install and upgrade the necessary software like the cPanel or hPanel, and take care of the back end. All you have to do is to enjoy a 1-click WordPress installation and a smooth onboarding process.