Why SEO is important for your web site?

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When you are a spectator of a running race event, you would most probably only remember the athletes who secured the top three positions. The reason the frontrunners are always the best.

Similarly, when you do a google search for a product or a service you would most likely not search beyond the first page.

A look at Google Organic CTR History published in Advanced Website rankings clearly shows that the result ranking at the top of a search result has the maximum clicks for every 100 clicks.

Now that you have understood the importance of ranking, why should we optimize our website for Google?

Google has become synonymous with Search Engines. Fun Fact: Google is one of the top three keywords searched on Bing. Ouch Bing!

Now if you want to rank at the top to increase website visitors, you have to optimize your website for google.

You may think. Why? Isn’t it good content enough?

No, it is not enough. Google keeps updating its Algorithm. The main reason why Google is the most sought-after search engine is it puts the user experience at the forefront.

It strives to give the user the best result for which they are searching. Some of its popular updates and the objective behind each are given below

Spam Updates November 2021

Spam updates are regularly done by Google to remove spammy pages. Such algorithm updates aid google to block about 25 million spam pages.

Page Experience Update June 2021

This update is intended to create an improved search experience for users by ranking fast-loading and stable pages at higher positions.

Product Review Updates April 2021

This update elevates the ranking of pages with substantial product reviews over pages with thin reviews and affiliates.

Passage Indexing (US English)

Google with this update has been able to index individual passages that are relevant to the search query. So if each passage in your webpage content tries to solve a user query, then it is possible that particular passage ranks on top.

You might also have noticed that pages that give answers to queries in points rank better on the results page.

Google on average makes close to 20 such updates in a year. Some of these may impact the ranking of your website.

So in spite of having good content, you may lose your ranking and in turn visibility just because your website is not optimized for Google’s new updates.

It is also essential that you do SEO the right way. It is a dynamic process and takes time for your efforts to bear fruit. Laying an authentic foundation for better ranking is vital instead of taking shortcuts and using blackhat techniques. Remember Google is smarter. Your website might end being blocked by the search engine.